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The idea of the Mrs. Gibraltar pageant came about after a conversation between a group of women whom were discussing the issue of not entering the Miss Gibraltar at a certain point in their lives and could no longer do so because they were now married or had children.

Ideal Productions got together and pondered with the idea of producing a show for all those women over 25 years who missed their chance to enter the Miss Gibraltar. We did not want to produce yet another beauty pageant, so we came up with the idea of the Mrs. Gibraltar. We would follow on the same lines as the Miss Gibraltar, the Mrs. Gibraltar pageant wouldn't just be a beauty pageant it would incorporate beauty with a purpose and showcasing women with strong values and a willingness to share those values.

This is not just a beauty pageant, it is more of a pageant that promotes women that have value further afield than that of beauty, its not focused on beauty its focused on women who have a career or job or have children etc., woman who are secure and manage to have all these and have a fulfilled life.

At the end of the day it's the judges that decide. We want to focus on the positive aspects of modern women today.

The aim basically is for these women to say to everyone we are still women not only mother, wife etc...

There will be an element on beauty and we will have the evening routine, casual routine, and few other routines.

Ideal Productions was created with the idea to promote and encourage the development of the local arts and culture for those people who do not have a platform to show who they are or what they can do.  


The team is comprised of volunteers who believe in giving everyone a chance to be able to show off their skills, these volunteers give up their time to produce the shows, they receive no remuneration.  


Ideal Productions is a non-profit organisation hence all income derives from sponsorship,

In the past we have been able to produce the show with the help of sponsors and donations by the Ideal Productions team out of their own pockets. We must say we have several other businesses who give us token items for the raffle. At the end of the show any money left is donated to charity.  


Our benefit is knowing that we have helped those that would otherwise not have been given the chance to shine on stage.

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