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Since Mrs Gibraltar was founded in 2015 we strongly felt there was a big tabu locally with the word Domestic Violence. We got in contact with founder of the Womens Refuge in Gibraltar Mrs Claire Borrell and after several meetings with them Ideal Productions in 2016 launched the  'TOGETHER WE CAN'  campaign to promote Domestic Violence Awareness and together give voice to those silent victims. 

We believe there is a lot more to Mrs Gibraltar than just a crown, we believe the purpose of the title holder is to promote as much as possible local charities and above all support our community.   

Mrs Universe 4th Princess 2015 - Serika Garcia / Founder of Women In Need / Mrs Gibraltar 2016 - Rachel Martinez

Mrs Gibraltar domestic violence awareness campaign launch.

Ideal Productions, released for the very first time a powerful video which shows contestants (and  Mrs Gibraltar 2015  Serika Garcia) wearing make up to mimic bruises and scratches.

The video puts across the vital message that victims of domestic violence and abuse must speak out and not suffer in silence. It has been produced in support of the local Women in Need.

Speaking at the event, Minister Dr John Cortes said: “Domestic violence is the sort of thing that people don’t like to talk about but it’s often the things that people don’t like to talk about that we should talk about most. The way you’ve gone about promoting this has my full support and the Government’s. We’ve got to bring these things out into the open; we’ve got to have a moral conscience.”

Opposition MP Lawrence Llamas said: “I was quite moved by this initiative and I think what you are doing is fabulous. I think it takes a lot of courage to enter these pageants and you’re showing that it’s more than just a beauty pageant; you’re doing something for the community in general.”

Claire Borrell, the founder of Women in Need, said: “What a lot of people don’t realize is that domestic violence is four things: it’s the physical abuse, the emotional abuse, the sexual abuse and the financial abuse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the bruises and the broken arms, it can be a lot of other things that people don’t see. The emotional abuse never ever goes away.”

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