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Official Make-up Artists

Star of India

Star of India & Hotu are the recognised perfumery shops in Gibraltar for their great service. They have all the top brands for your perusal and offer a Make Up service for those needing help for that special occasion. 

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Official Hair Stylists


Gibraltar's first luxury hair salon experience where quality and service matter. Mayfair On Main has revolutionised the Gibraltar Hair Industry offering different stylists levels who are all qualified professionals and Industry leaders in their fields

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Official Show 

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Wellness Coach

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As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach her aim is to guide you into becoming your best self in mind, body, and spirit. Bianca wants you to thrive, to live your best life, leave all the negativity behind and embrace a new life full of optimism, health and abundance.

Her training allows her to provide you with the tools which will empower and support you with breakthroughs in all of the following areas and more:

✔️Food - Nutrition, nourishment, awareness.

✔️Body - Body type and movement, body laboratory, alignment.

✔️Rest - Sleep issues, self care, restoring and receiving.

✔️ Relationships - Personal relationships and conflict, people pleasing, self love, community.

✔️Careers - Work issues, work/life balance, action and impact.

✔️ Purpose - Finding and knowing your passion, feeling fulfilled, authenticity.

✔️Mindset - Brain health, mental well being, expansion.

✔️Spirituality - The connection between our physical body and our spiritual layer, chakras, meditation, visualization, prayer, connection.

✔️Finances - Meeting needs, money beliefs, abundance.

✔️Sun element - Physical sunshine and its effects, inflammation in your body, addressing chronic inflammation, autoimmune anti inflammatory remedies and management approaches, gut and brain connection, IBS and more.

✔️Air element - Fresh air, air quality and your environment, breathing for ultimate health - techniques and tools, letting go (are you adapting to new circumstances? Are you feeling fear, resisting or riding the winds of change?).

✔️Water element - water through drinking and eating (joint lubrication, dehydration, insulating our organs, waste and toxins though our bodies, etc), emotional health and wellbeing, emotional eating, ‘getting in the flow’ i.e. the art of letting go


Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 1 - Susan Poggio


Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 2 - Adelaide Baglietto

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 3 - Isabella Edge

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 4 - Michelle Manning


Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 5 - Sharon Davies

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 6 - Leanne Beresford

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 7 - Rossanna McGillivray

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 8 - Conchi Bird

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 9 - Neha Rupani

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Official Sponsors of Contestant Number 10 - Angela Traverso

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